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BUNT THE RABBIT By Petro aged 51

BUNT THE RABBIT By Petro aged 51

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Bunt the rabbit by Petro aged 51

“Introducing ‘Bunt The Rabbit’ – the plywood cut-out that hops straight into your heart and your home! Crafted with care by Petro, the Picasso of Plywood at a youthful age of 51, this whimsical rabbit is here to add a touch of hare-raising humor to your décor.

Bunt isn’t your ordinary bunny – he’s got character! With his mischievous grin and eyes that say ‘carrot caper,’ he’s bound to bring a chuckle to your day and a smile to any room. Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply seeking a quirky conversation starter, Bunt’s charming presence is sure to elicit compliments (and maybe a few giggles).

Perfect for sprucing up your living space, office, or as a gift for fellow rabbit enthusiasts, this plywood masterpiece is a delightful reminder that age is just a number – especially when it comes to crafting whimsical wonders like Bunt The Rabbit by Petro, age 51. Grab yours today and let the hopping hilarity begin!”

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