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Blast Skates Jake Snelling Aggression Session 10"

Blast Skates Jake Snelling Aggression Session 10"

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Say hello to the Blast Skates Jake Snelling Aggression Session deck, where the thrill of skating meets the style of a pro!

Unleash your inner skating beast with this bad boy. We've poured a whole lot of love, passion, and a touch of magic into creating the deck that dreams are made of. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting to carve your way through the pavement, this deck is your perfect partner in crime.

Blast Skates knows that every skater is unique, and that's why the Aggression Session deck boasts a design as vibrant as your personality. With mesmerizing graphics that will turn heads at the park, you'll be the envy of every skater around.

But hey, it's not just about the looks - performance is where it's at! Crafted from a blend of sturdy maple and secret space-age materials (okay, maybe not space-age, but close enough!), this deck offers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Land those sick tricks with confidence and grace, and watch as your skating prowess reaches new heights!

Whether you're into wild ramp jumps, slick street slides, or perfecting your ollies, the Jake Snelling Aggression Session deck has got your back. It's like having the wind beneath your wheels, propelling you to epic skateboarding adventures.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Blast Skates family and embrace the sheer awesomeness of the Jake Snelling Aggression Session deck. Get ready to carve, flip, and grind your way to skating glory. Let's blast off into a world of gnarly moves and unforgettable sessions - it's time to roll, baby, roll!


  • 10" WIDE
  • 6.75" TAIL
  • 14.75" WHEELBASE
  • 6" NOSE


  • Canadian maple & epoxy resin construction
  • Custom BLAST SKATES all terrain concave mold design
  • Signature shape design by: Jake Snelling
  • Artwork by: Paul Parker
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