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Lovenskate Excellent Adventure Jordan Thackeray 8.5"

Lovenskate Excellent Adventure Jordan Thackeray 8.5"

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It says a lot about a bloke when he's asked what he wants as his next Pro board and he says, "I really want a 'Team Board'. I don't even need to be on it, I just want the whole team and my mates on there. Oh, and I want it to be in the style of Bill and Ted"
So here you have it, Jordan Thackeray's pro board sequel to 'Gordo'... 'Lovenskate's Excellent Adventure' featuring Jordan, his team and some of his exceptional friends. Available on 2 different shapes - Jordan's pro shape from Pennswood, 8.8 popsicle with a 14" wheelbase, and our standard 8.5 popsicle, and illustrated by the mighty Jon Horner

Comes with a sticker sheet.

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