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Death Skateboards Mark Radden Pro Deck 8.5”

Death Skateboards Mark Radden Pro Deck 8.5”

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Death Skateboards Mark Radden Pro Deck 8.5”

Death Skateboards newest pro Mark Radden

Width 8.5”

length 32.25”

WB 14.5”


Death Skateboards is British skateboard company started by Nick Zorlac, who put together a bunch of misfit skateboarders with the intention to not please everyone. Using the classic skateboard iconography of skull and crossbones, the Death Skateboards logo was soon seen everywhere and rapidly created a core following. Chief rider was Dan Cates, known for his humour and distinct style that he brought to skateboarding through wacky tricks and crazy skateboards. Similarly, Richie Jackson also brought a character to Death Skateboards and this personality has served them well.

Death Skateboards is now over 20 years old and is still operated in the same way as it did in the late 90s. By sticking to their own direction and not be dictated by trends sweeping through skateboarding. Alongside Death wheels and bearings, Death Skateboards also produce a full clothing line consisting of Death t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, beanies, trucker caps and of course the skateboard clothing staple, the hooded top, or hoodie. Check out the Death Skateboards team in the video 'Into the Void' for more.


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