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Blast Skates Callum McRobbie 10.25"

Blast Skates Callum McRobbie 10.25"

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Good morning, thrill-seekers and shredders of the skate world! Feast your eyes on the Blast Skates Callum McRobbie Facemelter deck - the ultimate skate weapon that's here to melt faces and blow minds!

At a rockin' 10.25" wide, this deck brings you the perfect blend of stability and maneuverability. Say goodbye to wobbles and hello to smooth rides on any terrain you dare to conquer. With a tail measuring 6.75" and a nose of 5.5", you've got all the pop and control you need to unleash your wildest tricks and flips!

Let's talk about the deck info, shall we? This baby is no ordinary board; it's a masterpiece crafted with love and a sprinkle of magic. Made from tough-as-nails Canadian maple and fortified with epoxy resin, it's built to withstand all the thrashings you'll throw its way. We've put our heart and soul into the construction, ensuring it's as tough as Callum McRobbie's insane skills!

Speaking of skills, this deck rocks a custom Blast Skates all-terrain concave mold design. We've tailored it to fit the needs of gnarly skaters like you who want to dominate any surface - be it concrete jungles, smooth streets, or wild skateparks!

And the best part? The Callum McRobbie signature shape design and artwork! That's right; this deck is like a canvas of pure radness. Callum McRobbie's artistic flair brings to life a design that's as electrifying as his skateboarding. You're not just riding a deck; you're riding an art piece on wheels!

So strap on your helmet, lace up your favorite kicks, and grab the Blast Skates Callum McRobbie Facemelter deck. It's time to carve your legend into the pavement, one epic move at a time. Skateboarding has never been this face-meltingly fun!

  • 10.25" WIDE
  • 6.75" TAIL
  • 14.75" WHEELBASE
  • 5.5" NOSE


    • Canadian maple & epoxy resin construction
    • Custom BLAST SKATES all terrain concave mold design
    • Signature shape design by:
  • Callum McRobbie
  • Artwork by: Callum McRobbie
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